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Guidelines of the Film Censorship Board need to be revamped to remain relevant

Writer: Ashraf Nasser

Iskander dan Feisal will continue to produce high-quality films with a low budget
Iskander dan Feisal will continue to produce high-quality films with a low budget

21 Jan – Young producer and director Iskander Azizuddin and Feisal Azizuddin are of the opinion that the guidelines of the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia (LPF) need to be revamped and updated as they are no longer relevant for the current times.

According to Feisal Azizuddin, co-founder and producer of Feisk Productions, these guidelines by LPF are not keeping up with the times and hence, are a hindrance to the creative processes of young filmmakers and indie makers.

"What I can say is that these existing guidelines by LPF are stale and are no longer relevant for these current times. It becomes an obstacle to young filmmakers and indie makers to be creative because they need to adhere to the very strict guidelines which at the same time, halt their creative thoughts in producing their work."

"I also feel that there are 'double standards' when it comes to the treatment given to local films as opposed to foreign films, especially those from Hollywood whereupon some scenes in these foreign films are permitted to be screened, whereas if those similar scenes were in the local films, it will not be permitted. Until and unless there are changes done by LPF, this will eventually deter the new generation of filmmakers from making new movies for the cinemas. They will instead choose to screen their movies on OTT platforms which give more freedom to the filmmakers to be creative," he shares with Cinema Online.

In agreement with his brother is Iskander Azizuddin, co-founder and producer of Feisk Productions, and he added that the mindset of LPF is still stuck in the past.

"The local film industry used to be a force in the Asian region in the past, when many of our films have captured the attention of viewers from overseas, whereas it is the exact opposite now as most of the local films produced only aim to cater to the local audiences".

"This is different from the South Korean film industry which used to have very strict guidelines but they eventually revamped those guidelines by giving their filmmakers more leeway and freedom to be creative, and look at the film "Parasite" which eventually won several Oscar awards."

As such, they hoped that the relevant authorities, including The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), will take a serious view over this matter to elevate the local film industry to international heights.

In other matters, Feisk Productions will be releasing their new thriller film titled "Ceroboh" which is due for screening this year.

Produced with Kuman Pictures, the film is set against the backdrop of an alien-colonised earth where only a group of survivors have remained, and how these survivors must rely on each other to subsist.

The lineup of fresh talents in the movie are Mia Sara Shauki, Syazani Zikry, Nia Atasha, Kent Tan, Grace Ng dan Sasi Subramanian.

The filming of "Ceroboh" has completed and it is currently in the post-production work, which is expected to be fully completed in two to three months.

In the meantime, there is a high possibility that "Ceroboh" will be making its premiere screening at an international film festival prior to its release in Malaysia.

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Cinema Online, 21 January 2021