[Trailer] The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
The sequel to "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1", also the final movie in "The Hunger Games" franchise.
[Trailer] James Bond: Spectre
The 24th "James Bond" film directed by Sam Mendes featuring Daniel Craig in his fourth performance as James Bond.
[Trailer] Fantastic Four
An American superhero film about four people who possess superpowers after teleporting to an alternate and dangerous universe.

"1965" might not be shown in Malaysia
Veteran actor Lim Kay Tong says there is a possibility the film's sensitive issue might hinder it from being screened in Malaysian cinemas

"CCTV" not aiming for high collection
Director Daven R. admits he doesn't hope for his directorial debut to become a high-grossing movie
4-day free screening at TGV Cinemas AU2
The newly opened cinema at AEON Mall, AU2 Setiawangsa is celebrating Raya with a four-day open house
"Marvel's Ant-Man" is still number one
Marvel's tiniest superhero remains number one at the U.S., M'sia and S'pore weekend box office charts for 23 - 26 July

5 notable Asian remakes of Hollywood movies
When Asian cinemas decide to turn the table on Hollywood, these spectacular movies are the result

Angelina Jolie to direct Cambodian film
The actor-turned-director's adopted Cambodian-born son will also work on the movie for Netflix with her
Menangi biasiswa bikin filem sebanyak RM100k
Kepada pembikin filem di luar sana berpeluang untuk menyertai rancangan realiti untuk memenangi biasiswa untuk belajar pembikinan filem.
"The Raid" actor Joe Taslim joins "Star Trek Beyond"
The Indonesian Chinese martial arts actor will appear in the third instalment of the "Star Trek" movie series

Seth Gordon in talks to direct The Rock's "Baywatch"
The "Horrible Bosses" director is in talks to helm the movie adaptation of "Baywatch" starring Dwayne Johnson

Win a filmmaking scholarship up to RM100k
Aspiring filmmakers will get a chance to participate in a reality show and win a scholarship to study filmmaking
"Jurassic World 2" opens in 2018
Universal Pictures has confirmed Chris Pratt will return to star in the sequel to this year's "Jurassic World"
LeBron James rumoured for "Space Jam 2"
Talks of a sequel starring the basketball player sparked when Warner Bros. announced a partnership with James' company

CO Movie Day: "The Gallows"
Cinema Online treated its readers with the chance to watch horror thriller "The Gallows" before its official release date

Aaron Aziz talks "Marvel's Ant-Man"
Aaron reveals why he is the "Ant-Man" ambassador and chooses a superhero he would like to be other than the tiny Marvel hero
"Kapsul" will feature Tun Mahathir's acting
Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad will appear as himself in the upcoming local movie
Cinemagoers rant over couple seat ban
LFS Seri Iskandar's decision to ban unwed couples from sitting in the couple seats has ruffled some feathers