Take a look at what happens when it's "Lights Out"

Date Posted: 11 July 2016

Coming to scare you soon in a cinema near you is a horror movie produced by James Wan ("The Conjuring 2") and directed by David F. Sandberg (also directing "Annabelle 2"). "Lights Out" stars Teresa Palmer ("Point Break"), Gabriel Bateman ("Annabelle"), Billy Burke ("Twilight"), Alexander DiPersia ("I Am Legend") and Maria Bello ("The 5th Wave") as the people who get threatened by a mysterious entity every time the lights go out. Take a look at these photos to see what to expect from the horror movie. "Lights Out" switches on in cinemas in Malaysia and Cambodia this July, and will come to Singapore in September.

Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) protecting her little brother, Martin (Gabriel Bateman).

Rebecca and Martin's mother, Sophie (Maria Bello).

Bret (Alexander DiPersia), Rebecca's boyfriend.

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Writer: Florey DM

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