FFM-nominated director returns with "Aasaan"

Date Posted: 29 November 2017

Being a father not only opened local filmmaker S.D Puvanendran's eyes to a whole new world, it also brought him the idea for his next movie, "Aasaan". The FFM-nominated director told Cinema Online that the new movie came from his own experience, after welcoming a baby daughter who was born prematurely in 2016. His experience of staying at the hospital to take care of his newborn daughter back then gave him the idea for a story that highlights the bond between a father and his daughter, and the father's willingness to go to any length to take care of her. The director chose to reteam with actor S.Haridhass because he said that the actor is also a father to a single daughter and might be able to immerse himself fully in his character in "Aasaan". See "Aasaan" in cinemas this 30 November.

"Aasaan" follows Professor Madhusoodhanan who is a genius when it comes to Mathematics.

Professor Madhusoodhanan also shares a strong bond with his daughter and will do anything to save her.

Professor Madhusoodhanan is portrayed by S.Haridhass, who previously starred in
S.D Puvanendran's action thriller "Maravan" (which was nominated for Best Film,
Best Screenplay and Best Director at FFM 28).

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Writer: Florey DM

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