"Thor: Ragnarok" characters shine in new posters

Date Posted: 08 September 2017

A series of character posters has just been released by Marvel Studios, providing us a glimpse into the dynamic palette of the film. Paying homage to the legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby, the posters are seen sporting the famous "Kirby Krackle" effect that Kirby often used throughout his career. Marking as the third solo outing for the God of Thunder Thor, his manipulative half-brother Loki and the All Father Odin, the upcoming movie explores Thor's adventure in stopping the powerful new threat Hela from destroying his hometown and civilisation – that is if he could first win against his former ally and fellow Avenger, The Incredible Hulk, in a deadly gladiatorial battle. Take a look at the new posters below showcasing each member with their own signature hue before "Thor: Ragnarok" opens in cinemas this 26 October (note that it only opens in North American cinemas on 3 November).

Valkyrie sporting the colour of sophistication and energy as she poses for action.

The Grandmaster is in a darker shade of blue, probably hinting at his connection with Valkyrie.

Hela seen in purple – a colour reserved for royalty, power and ambition.

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Writer: Farah Hanis

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