What to expect when you're "The Son of Bigfoot"?

Date Posted: 12 September 2017

Average human boys go through puberty by having a deeper voice and pimples on their faces. But that is not the case for single mother-raised Adam. With hair that grows overnight and feet suddenly shooting out of his shoes, it seems that "The Son of Bigfoot" might have it a bit tough during his teenage years. The work of Belgian 3D animation house nWave Pictures follows teenage outsider Adam on his quest to reconnect with his long-lost dad, only to discover that his father is the legendary Bigfoot. While father and son start making up for lost time, Adam later discovers that his special gene also comes along with superpowers that go beyond his imagination. However, their time might soon be up with the evil HairCo. pursuing them. The animated film is currently showing in cinemas nationwide, and if you are still not convinced on watching it, take a look at the gallery below to see how much fun it is to be "The Son of Bigfoot"!

What mess have you gotten yourself into, Adam?

Adam seems to be doing an attempt to save money on salon trips.

Oh no! Guess that's why Bigfoot doesn't wear shoes?

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Writer: Farah Hanis

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