Return Of The Cursed Videotape

Date Posted: 21 April 2004

"Ring 2", the sequel to "The Ring" will soon begin filming, but Gore Verbinski, who directed the first movie will not be back in the director's chair. Taking on the movie sequel is director Hideo Nakata, who directed "Ringu", the movie that started it all.

According to producer Walter Parkes, "Ring 2" will have an original script and won't be sticking to the likes of "Ringu 2", the Japanese version of the sequel. "(The Japanese sequel is) very narratively unsatisfying. Now that people know the secret of Samara, know what the videotape is, it's very hard to invent something that's as fresh as the first one."

Besides the change of director, Dreamworks might also have to cast a new Samara. 14-year-old Daveigh Chase, who played Samara in "The Ring" has confirmed that she will not be returning for the sequel. Chase pulled out because she felt that her involvement wasn't essential, and according to the script, her appearances are brief and her face isn't even shown.

Aside from Verbinski and Chase's departure, actress Naomi Watts will be reprising her role as reporter Rachel Keller and David Dorfman will return as her son, Aidan.

"Ring 2" is scheduled to start filming in May for a year-end release.

Writer: Li Shen

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