Cape No.7

Date Posted: 28 November 2008

Tanaka Chie & Van Fan

28 Nov – Japanese beauty Tanaka Chie and Taiwanese singer Van Fan is in town for the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival 2008, as their top-grossing Taiwanese blockbuster "Cape No.7" makes a late Christmas release at the Malaysian box office.

Speaking at a press conference at GSC 1 Utama yesterday, the pair was present along with director Wei Te Sheng, who was earlier giving interviews in Singapore where the movie is now being given blockbuster treatment, following a phenomenal home release which outgrossed even "The Dark Knight" and is now on its way to becoming the biggest movie of all time at the Taiwanese box office after "Titanic", according to a press release from it's Malaysian distributor Astro Entertainment. The picture turned in NT $440 million or RM 44 million as of 10 November 2008.

The stars, both not established actors, appeared fresh and rested, though Van Fan was slightly edgy. Speaking in able Mandarin, Tanaka Chie said: "This is a great movie and I liked the script the first time I saw it. Acting with musicians is also pretty cool – you get a lot more feel because of the power in the music."

"Cape No.7" is about Aga and Tomoko, two people who form an impossible band against all odds, together with five ordinary residents in South Taiwan.

More pictures from the press conference are available in the gallery section linked below.

Cape No.7" goes nationwide on Christmas Day, 25 December 2008. There is a special screening for guests and the public on GSC Pavilion on 30 November 2008, as part of the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival 2008 Official Selection.

Writer: Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

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