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Remp-it V3: Menace continues

Writer: Wahiduzzaman

Farid Kamil rides on

26 Dec – The long-awaited sequel to Ahmad Idham's successful 2006 urban action drama "Remp-it" is now finally underway, with actor Farid Kamil helming the RM 1.8 million project as actor-director. 

Refusing to compare the project with its 2006 original which grossed in excess of RM 4 million at the box office, Farid explained that despite similarities in theme, "Remp-it V3" is different from the former, in that it showcases a new technical touch to suit current times.

David Teo believes in Farid Kamil

Co-written by Farid and actor Shoffi Jikan, the story promises more action and a more interesting plot. With award-winning cinematographer Raja Mukhriz Raja Kamaruddin on board, more breathtaking shots can also be expected to colour the mood of the movie.

Speaking at the film launching at Lemon Restaurant in Mines Shopping Fair recently, box office mogul David Teo welcomed constructive criticism from the press on Farid's maiden effort should the young director fail to deliver in "Remp-it V3". Nonetheless, he hopes that such critics will consider that it is Farid's first time.

Teo jokingly said: "Media members can attack Farid if he doesn't come up with a good film but don't write baseless or irrelevant criticisms. We'd be very happy to hear feedback that can mould him to be a very good film director in the future." 

The selection of 27-year-old Farid Kamil as a film director is in accordance to MIG Production's 10 Young Directors Scheme, which is established to provide a platform for young talents locally. Farid is the third director after Pierre Andre ("9 September" 2007 and "I'm Not Single" 2008) and Yana Samsudin ("Selamat Pagi Cinta" 2008).

The "Remp-it V3" gang (L-R): Shah Kassim, Hafiz Nafiah, Intan Ladyana, Farid Kamil, Bront Palarae and Diana Amir set to rev up the scene! 

"Remp-it V3" will see a mixture of the young and the veterans, including Bront Palarae, Intan Ladyana, Lisa Surihani, Corrie Adam Lee, Diana Amir, Hafiz Nafiah, Ruminah Sidek and also a surprising comeback from the estranged one-time top comedian Mr. Os.

Currently filming, "Remp-it V3" started shooting earlier this month in Kedah and the Klang Valley. The movie is aiming for a wide release in 2009.

Cinema Online, 29 December 2008

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