"Rempit V3"

Date Posted: 30 October 2008

Farid Kamil

30 Oct – While waiting for the latest instalment of "Fast And Furious" to come in summer next year, here's something to whet the appetites of all gearheads in Malaysia – Farid Kamil's popular urban action-drama "Remp-It" is about to spawn a sequel called "Rempit V3", directed by and starring himself.

Caught at a preview of "Wayang" at GSC 1Utama yesterday, the versatile actor said that he would be going to Kedah and Penang for location recce, having recently completed a course on DTS sound mixing abroad. According to Farid, the movie title "V3" is simply an eye-catching sequel title that will surprise people who are expecting the usual "Part 2" titling.

"Rempit V3" will feature the popular rempit bikes RXZ and 125 to stay true to the menacing street culture on which the movie is based. It will also take on a new storyline, as the hero from the predecessor died in the movie. He declined to name possible casts for the exciting project.

Writer: Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

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