Adnan Sempit: 1 million viewers?

Date Posted: 29 January 2010

29 Jan – Metrowealth (MIG) and film director Ahmad Idham have great cause to cheer when their action rom-com "Adnan Sempit" managed to gross RM 5.5 million in its opening 13 days, thus set to overtake the record high of "Jangan Pandang Belakang" in 2007 which managed to gross approximately RM 7.5 million for a local movie.

Target: Record one million tickets sold!

Lead actress Norliana Samsudin, better known as Yana
This happy news was announced at a recent thanksgiving ceremony held at MIG's office in Subang Jaya to celebrate the film's unexpected success. Among the achievements of "Adnan Sempit" that were announced, the first local movie opening in 2010 is said to have created history by managing RM500,000 on its first day and raking in 100,000 cinemagoers to cinemas on the first opening Saturday. This is as compared to "Jangan Pandang Belakang", which only managed to collect RM480,000 on its first day of screening.

Following the film's amazing run, producer David Teo said: "We have been granted another two weeks of full shows at the cinemas. In total, we will have something like a six week run."

He added: "We are hoping and targeting for one million viewers to see this film. With everyone's support, we know we can make this happen. That would mean a record RM 8 million!"

Starring actors Shaheizy Sam and Intan Ladyana as the leads, the movie is about an unlikely romance between an office despatch boy and his employer.


Writer: Nur Safina Othman

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