A dam of emotions

Date Posted: 28 October 2010

A tribute to the China's 1975 Banqiao dam disaster.

28 Oct – Director Sohan Roy aims to make India proud with the upcoming 3D release of his directorial debut "DAM999". Filmed with 16 National and International Award winners, it is an emotional thriller inspired by the collapse of China's Banqiao dam in 1975 which took the lives of 250,000 people. Touted as India's finest production and the first international motion picture by a mariner, it involves a multi-ethnic cast from India and abroad.

"DAM999" surrounds a century old dam built during the British Colonial days in India and features nine characters, portraying nine distinct emotions from the ancient Indian concept of "Navarasa". Each character holds a dam of emotions which explodes along with the collapse of the mammoth edifice, replicating the worst man-made disaster witnessed in history. The number 999 has great importance in British Colonial Indian history and will be explained further in the 3D thriller.

"DAM999" is touted as the first international motion picture by a mariner.

Recently, "DAM999" has secured its premiere showcase at the American Film Market (AFM) for early November 2010 and is deemed to be 'one of a kind' at the exhibition. Scheduled to release worldwide in 2011, the disaster film is currently seeking distribution in both Malaysia and Singapore.

"DAM999" will crumble in cinemas early 2011!

Writer: Anne Jamaludin

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