Surprise win at Taipei Awards 2010

Date Posted: 20 July 2010

"Au Revoir Taipei" director Arvin Chen (L) accepting Best New Talent award on behalf of Amber Kuo.

20 Jul – A touching documentary about famous cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing titled "Let The Wind Carry Me" won the coveted Grand Prize award in the Taipei Awards Ceremony 2010, beating hot favourites such as Winner of the NETPAC/Asian Film Award 2010 at Berlin "Au Revoir Taipei" and blockbuster "Monga". The documentary also won Best Documentary and Best Editing.

Taipei Awards Ceremony 2010, the grand finale in the 12th Taipei Film Festival, honours Taiwan's best films of the year. "Monga" and "Au Revoir Taipei", favourites from the start, only managed to bag one award each. "Monga" won Best Art Direction, while "Au Revoir Taipei" nabbed Best New Talent for Amber Kuo. "Taipei Exchanges", another critics' favourite starring Gui Lun-mei ("Secret") and Lin Zai-zai, won Best Music and Audience's Choice Award. Famed director Tsai Ming-Liang's "Face", which was shown in Cannes Film Festival 2009, earned Best Cinematography.

Ah Niu (L) & Victor Wong presenting an award during the ceremony.

Among the top prizes, it was a surprise win for 11-year-old Bi Xiaohai who beat Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao for Best Actor in "The Fourth Painting", while Chen Yihan won Best Actress for her performance in "Heard". Cheng Wen-Tang earned the Best Director Award for dramatic crime flick "Tears".

Besides Taipei Awards Ceremony 2010, the film festival also showcases different programmes, including a 'Panorama' program, focusing on several aspects like 'Voices Form Asia' and '3D Trend'. Movies on show in 'Voices Form Asia' include Malaysia's "Ice Kacang Puppy Love", Hong Kong's "Crossing Hennessey", Singapore's "The Blue Mansion" and "Gone Shopping" as well as other Asian films. "Avatar" and "Oceans" are among the films presented in '3D Trend'.


Writer: Goh Wen Xuan

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