"Petaling Street Warrior" set visit!

Date Posted: 06 May 2011

Pictures taken on 3 May 2011, at shooting site for "Petaling Street Warrior" at Siputeh, Ipoh.
The leads of the film; Mark Lee and Yeo Yann Yann showing me some Kung Fu moves!
Petaling Street in Ipoh? Have I gone to the wrong place? James Lee, would you like me to have a cameo in your film?
Gosh, is that really you Jack Neo, or are you just an old lady? Hey Namewee, any new songs for me?
Why are you pointing at me? Don't worry, I'm a vegetarian so I won't hurt you. Finally Frederick Lee, I've found someone with a bigger head than mine!
Hey, can I have some of your food? I'm starving!
Hold on, I want to be in the group picture too!
Writer: Thomas Ng Jun Tong

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