Gangster strikes gold

Date Posted: 16 June 2011

16 June – According to Skop Productions, its movie "KL Gangster" has been faring quite well at the Malaysian box office, generating a whopping RM6.2 million since its opening last Thursday, 9 June.

The lead actor of "KL Gangster" Aaron Aziz.

The production studio's post on the social media site; Twitter, last Sunday, thanked audiences for their support and announced that the movie has so far grossed a total of RM6.2 million on their fourth day of release.

It is now estimated that the movie's current collection should be close to RM8 million, if not more.

The cast of "KL Gangster" made an appearance last weekend at the Movie Carnival 2011, at IPC Shopping Centre (formerly known as Ikano Power Centre), where the event was packed with fans of the movie that had the chance to meet and greet the stars of the movie.

The cast of "KL Gangster" met up with fans at Movie Carnival 2011.

Other than the stars of the movie; Aaron Aziz, Ady Putra and Adam Corrie, there was also a performance by Dali from Ahli Fiqir and Erna who sang the soundtrack for "KL Gangster".

Apart from meeting the stars, the crowd that comprised of not only hysterical females, also included excited males who got the opportunity to ask the celebrities questions, snap photos and participate in an autograph session.

"KL Gangster" is now showing at cinemas across Malaysia and Singapore.

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

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