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Astro First saves local films

Writer: Peter Chai

Metrowealth's producer David Teo.

9 June – Famous local producer, Major David Teo revealed his disappointment in the parties that blamed local subscription channel Astro First for being one of the factors that caused the decline of the local movie industry.

In Teo's eyes, Astro First, the 'home cinema' channel, is actually a saviour for every local producer whose movies did not achieve commercial success at the local box office after screening for the required period as stated by the compulsory screening scheme.

"Today if any of the local movies receive low revenue, Astro First is the one that can save them. Every investor in the film industry should realize that producing a film is just like gambling because you will never know what is going to happen to that movie," said the CEO of Metrowealth International Group (MIG), during the media screening of "X" recently.

"Not all the movies with a star-studded cast will break the box office records. For example, the romantic comedy "Datin Ghairah" featured one of our most famous stars, Singapore-born Aaron Aziz. Nevertheless, the movie only grossed a total of RM550,000. When it appeared on Astro First, the movie was able to collect RM450,000 more," added Teo.

Besides considering Astro First as the industry's saviour, Teo hoped that people can stop making false statements regarding the subscription channel and do more research on it, such as referring to the experts in Malaysian film industry.

On another note, MIG's latest romantic comedy "X", starring Pierre Andre, Intan Ladyana, Diana Amir and Nuremy Ramly is showing in cinemas now!

Cinema Online, 09 June 2012