Sean Lau loves M'sia!

Date Posted: 09 January 2012

Sean Lau smiling at a joke during a press interview for "The Great Magician".

9 Jan – Recently, Hong Kong star Sean Lau Ching Wan made an appearance in Pavilion Centre Court and GSC Pavilion as part of his promotional activities for his latest, director Derek Yee's "The Great Magician", also starring Hong Kong actor Tony Leung and actress Zhou Xun.

The dark-skinned 47-year-old revealed in an interview that he was glad to be back in Malaysia since his last visit 8 years ago, as he loves the weather here. He was also thankful for the huge number of fans that turned up at the 'Fan Meet and Greet' at Pavilion Centre Court and the Gala Premiere at GSC Pavilion. The whole circular area was filled, right up to the red carpeted steps till the top, showing Malaysian fans' overwhelming support for the long-time actor and all things magic.

This was because at the 'Fan Meet and Greet', the finals for a magic show was also held, sponsored by Anglia Shandy in conjunction with the movie. Then 10 participants that were shortlisted performed their tricks for the audience onstage, and after Lau's arrival, the winner was chosen.

However, two young men tied for the winner's position, so two awards were presented by Lau himself, and following that, he was honored with several magic demonstrations by a professional magician, Zlwin Chew.

Sean Lau is intrigued by a magic performance by Zlwin Chew, a professional magician.

The award-winning actor expressed his awe by saying, "Magic can be an awe-inspiring thing. I really think that guys who can do magic impress girls a lot more."

When asked whether he had done any magic to impress his wife, Hong Kong actress Amy Kwok, Lau exclaimed that he had never thought of it before, but after this movie, he would certainly put the idea into consideration. He also added, laughingly, that although it seemed as if having seven wives is easy, as his character, General Bully Lei shows, for him, one woman had already kept his hands full.

"Thank you all for coming tonight. I hope you will all watch this movie somehow. It is one that is guaranteed to put a smile on face when you leave the cinema at the end," concluded Lau.

"The Great Magician" will open in cinemas in Malaysia and Singapore on 12 January 2012.

Writer: Elaine Ewe

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