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Ben Affleck in talks for "Gone Girl"

Writer: Jillian Cheong

Busy year ahead for Affleck as he will be starring in "Gone Girl".

13 Jul – Just after a year of being published, the New York Best Times Best Seller List "Gone Girl" is already being adapted into a film with the possibility of Ben Affleck playing the lead character, Nick Dunne.

The thriller novel's tells the story of a husband, Nick Dunne who becomes the prime suspect for his wife's murder; however he remains uncertain on whether he killed his wife, Amy Dunne.

According to TheWrap, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt are being considered to play the role of his wife, Amy.

Natalie Portman and Emily Blunt are among the short listed actress to play the role of Amy.

The busy actor will be also directing an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's "Live By Night" after he wraps up shooting for "Gone Girl".

Just last year, 20th Century Fox bought the rights to produce the movie with Reese Witherspoon's production company, Pacific Standard signing on to produce it.

The film is reported to start filming in the fall with David Fincher ("The Social Network") slated to direct the film.

Cinema Online, 13 July 2013