Diana Danielle defends posing in lingerie

Date Posted: 10 March 2015

Malaysian actress, Diana Danielle.

10 Mar – Malaysian actress, Diana Danielle has responded to criticisms on posing scantily dressed for Esquire Malaysia magazine.

The American-born Malay actress appears on the March issue of the magazine with an American flag covering only her back and shoulder as her front is clad in a bra.

Indirectly responding to those who have labelled her shoot with the magazine as indecent, the actress simply posted a photo quote on Instagram which reads, "Freedom is being you, without anyone's permission."

The mother of one who is married to actor Farid Kamil, also has a spread in the magazine with several other photos included.

In the article, Diana talks about her career and also her current life working in the local film industry.

Writer: Victor S

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