The third "Maze Runner" sequel is on

Date Posted: 07 March 2015

All three "The Maze Runner" books are now being adapted for the films.

7 Mar – The "Maze Runner" franchise by 20th Century Fox starring Dylan O'Brien has got script writer T.S Nowlin on board to work on its third movie, "The Maze Runner: The Death Cure".

Although Nowlin has a rather short list of filmography credits, he has been working alongside with other screenwriters such as Noah Oppenheim and Grant Pierce Myers for the first Maze Runner film and also the upcoming second movie, "The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials".

In the upcoming sequel directed by Wes Ball, "Teen Wolf" star, O'Brien who plays Thomas and the remaining Gladers from the movie, will find themselves faced with a new mission after making their way out of The Maze.

"The Maze Runner" is filmed based on author James Dashner's bestselling science fiction trilogy book series, for which the first film has grossed more than USD340 million worldwide.

Writer: Victor S

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