Aaron Kwok returns to star in "The Monkey King 3"

Date Posted: 23 November 2016

Aaron Kwok is returning as Sun Wukong.

23 Nov – Although director Cheang Pou Soi previously stated that he plans to have different actors playing Sun Wukong in "The Monkey King" franchise, it was recently reported that Aaron Kwok will be reprising his role as the powerful demon.

As reported on Phoenix News, on 21 November, the studio announced that Aaron will return as Sun Wukong and that the actor has already begun studying his script and getting used to his furry costume again.

They also shared a photo of the actor, with his back facing the camera, as the make-up team try to recreate his previous look.

Aside from Aaron, Him Law will also return as his character the Sand Monk, joining Feng Shaofeng, who has already confirmed his participation as Monk Tang.

Him said that his marriage with Tavia Yeung has made him more mature and that he hopes it will translate well in the film.

"The Monkey King 3" is set to begin filming in December. In the meantime, the studio has been travelling all over China to look for the most suitable actress to play the Ruler of the Kingdom of Women, which will be the main plot of the third movie.

Writer: Heidi Hsia

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