Deathstroke to appear in "Batman" standalone film

Date Posted: 09 September 2016

Joe Manganiello will go against Ben Affleck in the upcoming "Batman" film.

9 Sep – It is official! "Magic Mike" actor Joe Manganiello will be taking of the role of the deadly villain Deathstroke in Ben Affleck's upcoming solo "Batman" movie.

Last week, Ben Affleck caused a little stir on social media by posting some footage of somebody dressed up as DC's famous mercenary, Deathstroke.

DC Entertainment President and Chief Executive Officer Geoff Johns confirmed the news with Wall Street Journal that the man behind the costume was really none other than hunky actor Joe Manganiello.

While it is not known how large of a role Deathstroke play in the Batfleck film, but it is speculated that he might be the main villain of the movie as Deathstroke has faced against the Dark Knight a number of times in the DC Comics.

Johns also refused to comment whether Deathstroke will be featured in the 2017 slated "Justice League" movie, as the "Batman" solo film will likely hit screens in 2018.

However, some insiders say that there's a high chance that he might make a cameo in "Justice League".

Manganiello was rumoured to play the iconic villain after being spotted during the London filming of "Justice League", and not long after that, the actor followed "Justice League" director Zack Snyder on Twitter.

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Writer: Erny Suzira

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