Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep to open Tokyo Film Festival

Date Posted: 24 August 2016

Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant in "Florence Foster Jenkins.

24 Aug - This year's closing and opening films for the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival have to be announced, and the lineup definitely got bigger and better than before.

The Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep starrer "Florence Foster Jenkins" has been selected as the opening film of the prestigious film festival.

Directed by Stephen Frears ("Philomena") the movie is about the life of a real life heiress who delved into supporting the musical society in New York, despite having a bad voice she still dreams of being a singer herself.

As the previous year's festival saw to the attendance of filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, Hilary Swank, Helen Mirren and more to promote their films, it is confirmed that Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep would also be in attendance to walk the opening night's red carpet this 25 October 2016.

"It's such an honour that the film has been selected as the opening film. I am very looking forward to visiting Japan again, as I have so much enjoyed meeting the people of Japan, and experiencing the beauty of the city and its art and cuisine on my many previous trips!" said Streep in her statement.

Added Grant, "It's a great honour that "Florence Foster Jenkins" has been selected as the opening film. And I'm looking forward to being back in Tokyo. I have always had a fantastic time there."

"Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow" by Yoshitaka Mori is the festival's closing film.

As for the closing film, Japanese title, "Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow" by Yoshitaka Mori starring Kenichi Matsuyama about the life of a Japanese chess master has been chosen. Continuing the tradition of a Japanese film closing the event, the stars and director of the film are also expected to be in attendance.

This year's edition will also be introducing a new initiative called the Youth Section, where its purpose is to enlighten young audiences with as many films as possible to guide them as the new generation of cinemagoers.

Left to Right: Isao Yukisada (Japan), Sotho Kulikar (Cambodia)
and Brillante Ma. Mendoza (Philippines).

The first Asian omnibus film in collaboration with The Japan Foundation Asia Center will also be making its debut at the festival. Called "Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections", the three short films feature the directorial works of Brillante Ma. Mendoza (Philippines), Isao Yukisada (Japan) and Sotho Kulikar (Cambodia).

The stars of the much anticipated omnibus are Masahiko Tsugawa, Masaya Kato and Masatoshi Nagase (Japan), Sharifah Amani (Malaysia), Chumvan Sodhachivy (Cambodia).

There will also be open-air screenings of films held at the Roppongi Hills Arena called TIFF Cinema Arena with Tower Light Cinema's "Won't You Come Talk About Cinema?" kick-starting the event which will talk about cinema today.

Held from 25 October to 3 November this year, the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival will be once again held at Roppongi Hills with a new venue added this year, the EX Theater.

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

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