Director happy with "The Kid from Big Apple" collection

Date Posted: 06 June 2016

Director Jess Teong has also won awards for "The Kid from Big Apple".

6 Jun – Local movie "The Kid from the Big Apple" celebrated its successful run in the cinemas by throwing a media appreciation dinner recently.

"We made about RM6 million," said director Jess Teong in an interview with Cinema Online. "I feel very blessed and very grateful as well. I have a great team, from production to marketing to distribution."

The first time director also expressed her gratefulness towards the audiences, likening her movie to a tree – where the story makes up the roots while the audiences are the fruits it bears.

"It's not about box office, it's all about audiences, their comments, their feedback, their thoughts about this movie, their encouragement. These are the things I feel very blessed about."

(L-R): "The Kid from the Big Apple" actor Jason Tan, producer Stanley Law,
director Jess Teong and actress Sarah Tan.

Producer Stanley Law, who previously directed the 2013 movie "Paper Moon", also echoed her sentiment, "I'm very grateful. I'm very happy, this box office collection is very good for me. I hope that we can continue."

However, when asked whether they are planning a sequel for the heartwarming movie, director Jess replied that they have yet to discuss on the possibility.

Prior to its release in Malaysia last March, "The Kid from the Big Apple" won four awards at the Macau International Movie Festival back in January, bringing home the Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Writing and Best Newcomer awards.

Writer: Florey DM

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