MBO Kuantan City Mall gets full MX4D theatre

Date Posted: 13 October 2017

Mariam El Bacha (fourth from left), MBO Cinemas' Director of Operations, together
with MBO's task force during the launch of MBO Cinemas Kuantan City Mall.

13 Oct – Film enthusiasts in Kuantan, Pahang are a lucky bunch as yesterday's launch of MBO Cinemas Kuantan City Mall revealed three unique hall concepts at the new cinema, which includes a dedicated hall equipped with the latest MX4D technology.

The unveiling of the MX4D hall, fully equipped with 4D motion seats, makes Kuantan the only East Coast location to feature this concept.

Besides MX4D, MBO Cinemas Kuantan City Mall also has two other theatre concepts – the Big Screen and MBO Kecil.

The MX4D hall in Kuantan accommodates 84 MX4D seats in comparison to the 64 seats in MBO Cinemas The Starling Mall, where the latter's hybrid hall is combined with another 48 Premier seats.

The Big Screen hall features a 20m x 11m screen.

Mariam Yazmin El Bacha, MBO Cinemas' Director of Operations, said that moviegoers in Kuantan can now enjoy the best cinematic experience with their latest technology.

"We are happy to announce that with this new concept, audiences are now able to choose how they would like to watch a movie.

"They could either bring their entire family out for a movie date or experience for themselves our latest and newest cinematic technology," she said during the launch of MBO Cinemas Kuantan City Mall yesterday.

MBO Kecil is equipped with big and comfortable sofas to better enjoy watching a movie
with your little ones.

Mariam also added that MBO is constantly thinking of ways to accommodate parents with young children, which leads to the creation of MBO Kecil.

In addition to the three uniquely-conceptualised halls, the new outlet is also furnished with the latest technology including BARCO Laser Projection and DOLBY ATMOS sound system.

With nine halls in total, MBO Cinemas Kuantan City Mall is able to seat 1,328 cinema patrons.

A little eatery while waiting for the movie to start.

Cafecito is also opened at the new cinema for visitors to enjoy a little snack time while waiting for their movies to start.

Writer: Ashraf Nasser

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