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Alex Lam happy his famous father is praising his acting more

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Alex Lam says his father George Lam praises his works more nowadays.

24 Aug – Hong Kong actor Alex Lam is happy that his father, singer George Lam, has been giving him more praises for his acting work than he used to in the past.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke about his famous father at the premiere of his new movie, "Binding Souls", shared that George used to have some criticisms on his previous performances.

"He has his opinions about my work before, but this year, he has been giving me a lot of compliments," he enthused.

Alex also expressed hopes that there will be a suitable script in the future where he could cooperate with George as father and son.

"There hasn't been such an opportunity so far. My dad's requirement is so high," he said.

Speaking about his new horror film, Alex admitted that he is easily scared and not a fan of watching horror movies.

"I watched a horror movie with my dad when I was a child, and I had nightmares for half a year. I am afraid of ghosts, but this time, I really want to experience doing a horror movie," he said.

Cinema Online, 24 August 2019

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