Indonesia's Cinemaxx rebrands cinemas to Cinepolis

Date Posted: 30 September 2019

Mexico's Cinepolis also operates cinemas in countries like India, England and the US.
Mexico's Cinepolis also operates cinemas in countries like India, England and the US.

30 Sep – With Cinepolis having acquired a minority stake in Indonesia's PT Cinemaxx Global Pasifik (Cinemaxx) last year, all Cinemaxx locations in Indonesia will now reopen under the Cinepolis branding.

"It's a great honor to be part of global leader, Cinepolis. Today, we opened, proudly, the Cinepolis branded cinema in Indonesia, poised to refined (sic) cinema-going experience in the country with fun, innovation and stellar service," said Chief Marketing Officer of PT Cinemaxx Global Pasifik, Celeste Koay Ting Ting, in her LinkedIn post.

The location mentioned in her post is Bogor but SWA quoted Chief Executive Offer Gerald Dibbayawan as saying that two other rebranded locations, Lombok and Sidoarjo, also open this month.

The rebranding for all current as well as upcoming Cinemaxx locations to Cinepolis begins this month and is expected to conclude in the fourth quarter of 2019.

"The rebranding aims to deliver higher quality entertainment for our audiences," said Dibbayawan, who added that a new location set to open soon, Cinepolis JOMO at Cinepolis Lippo Plaza Ekalokasar, will feature bean bag seats.

It's not just the cinemas that will carry the new name, special halls Cinemaxx Gold, Deluxe, and UltraXD will also all be rebranded to Cinépolis VIP, Luxe, and MacroXE.

Cinepolis has 55 current and upcoming locations across Indonesia, with a total of 269 screens.

The biggest cineplex chain in Mexico, also one of the biggest in the world with over 600 cinemas in 18 countries, entered into a partnership with the Lippo Group-owned PT Cinemaxx Global Pasifik in the fourth quarter of 2018, with the aim of "helping Cinemaxx achieve its vision of becoming a dominant player in the Indonesian cinema industry".

(Photo source: guwahaticity | flickr)

Writer: Florey DM

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