Simon Yam stabbed in shock attack

Date Posted: 20 July 2019

Simon Yam suffers multiple stabs in his abdomen but not in critical condition.

20 Jul – In viral clips shared on social media the actor is seen handing out gifts to attendees on stage, until an unidentified man clad in a dark green shirt walks up to Yam and manages to stab him multiple times.

A crowd soon forms around the actor as he is rushed off stage and the attacker is assumably apprehended by authorities.

Sources say that Yam is not in critical condition however he suffers multiple stabs in his abdomen and slash wounds on his arm.

In other news, Simon will be involved in few films; "Blade Breaking Ice", "The Man Behind the Courtyard House", "Little Q" and "Chasing the Dragon 2".

(Photo soucer: HKMDB)
(Video source: 塞牙鼻屎)

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

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