"Riddick 4" script is ready, says star Vin Diesel

Date Posted: 24 July 2019

Vin Diesel has been teasing fans with "Riddick 4" since 2014.

24 Jul – In a recent update on his Instagram, Vin Diesel has finally updated fans again on the status of the upcoming fourth Riddick movie.

The front page of the script was briefly shown in the video he posted, on which the title "Riddick 4: Furya" could clearly be seen. The script is penned by David Twohy, who previously confirmed that it would be rated R.

Last the actor talked about the movie, he mentioned that the title would be "The Chronicles of Riddick: Furia" but looks like it's been renamed, with a slight change to the spelling of Furia (Riddick's homeworld).

As the title states, this is the fourth instalment of the "Riddick" franchise. It follows the 2013 "Riddick", which came after 2004's "The Chronicles of Riddick" and 2000's "Pitch Black". All, of course, starring Diesel as the title character.

Vin Diesel won't be filming "Riddick 4: Furya" just yet, however, as he is still working
on other movies including "Fast and Furious 9".

Filming on the movie has yet to begun. Diesel will first have to wrap up "Fast and Furious 9", which he is currently filming.

The latest "Fast and Furious" movie is not without any filming problems as it recently halted production due to a stuntman's serious head injury on set.

Variety reported that production have resumed, thought the stuntman, Joe Watts, is still in induced coma following his fall at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, near London.

Reportedly, "Fast and Furious 9" is still on track to open in cinemas in May 2020.

Writer: Florey DM

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