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Marvel to helm new project called "The Mutants"

Writer: Heidi Hsia

8 Mar – With the X-Men characters now back into Marvel's possession, it was reported that the studio could be using the word "Mutants" from now on instead of its aforementioned name, starting with the new project called "The Mutants."

Rumours of the change of name came as early as 2019, when Marvel Studios CCO Kevin Feige announced at the San Diego Comic Con that they are developing a film around "Mutants", making no mention of the word "X-Men. He but then explained that the words Mutants and X-Men are interchangeable.

Feige first mentioned the word "Mutants" instead of "X-Men" in 2019

While Marvel has not made any clarification as to whether they are dropping the "X-Men" title once and for all, many believed that the use of the word will enable the studio to expand the concept and tell stories about mutants in general and not specifically the X-Men.

At the same time, some are also speculating that dropping the title "X-Men" would mean inclusivity, as many of the characters in the said franchise - including Storm, Jean Grey and Rogue - are women.

For now, there are still no casting confirmations or official announcements regarding the new project, though fans are hopeful that the new movie would mean that the X-Men will now be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The only X-Men entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has been confirmed for now is Ryan Reynolds' "Deadpool 3".

Deadpool is the only mutant to have its movie confirmed by Marvel Studios for now
Cinema Online, 08 March 2021

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