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Bahasa: Melayu
Sarikata: NA
Klasifikasi: 18PL
Tarikh Tayangan:: 11 Mac 2010
Genre: Aksi / Jenayah
Durasi: 83 Minit
Pelakon: Farid Kamil, Bront Palarae, Aqasha, Intan Ladyana
Pengarah: Farid Kamil
Format: 35MM

[Lagi] [Treler]
Writer: Nur Safina Othman

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Could be that "V3: Samseng Jalanan" will be the last film we'll ever get to see in the cinemas about 'rempits'? If so, this isn't a bad bow by director Farid Kamil, who must be breathing a sigh of relief as this movie was reportedly banned previously when the government tried to ban all local movies with elements of 'rempit' and alternative sexuality.

We have all heard that so as to circumvent the censorship board, 20% of what was previously titled "Remp-It V3" had to be altered, including the movie title! However, producer David Teo is confident that the new title "V3: Samseng Jalanan" is even better and would entice audiences to watch it.

The difference between "V3: Samseng Jalanan" and the 2006 first movie by Farid, "Remp-It" is a heavier and more serious storyline. This time it's packed with more heavy duty and exciting stunts. The movie is about close friends Rudy (Farid Kamil) and Brett (Bront Palarae) whose friend dies in a road accident and drugs were found on his person. The duo run away to change their lifestyles but it gets from bad to worse when Rudy loses a bet in a road race against Garing (Aqasha).

Costing some RM 1.8 million, the plot and character development for "V3" is regrettably weak, since the director decidedly focused more on dare daring stunts. The cast are adept at portraying 'mat rempits' through their actions and in fact in might be difficult for some of the as the two leads speak in Kedahan dialect. The director explains that Kedah was chosen as one of the locations for "V3" because the 'mat rempit' there are very brave and aren't afraid to die!

Farid doubling up as director and lead actor clearly doesn't disappoint as his Rudy character comes off looking like a true 'mat rempit'. Supporting casts include Adam Corrie as Sam Seng, Radhi (OAG) as Lan Ribut and Intan Ladyana as Lisa. Due mention goes to actress Lisa Surihani as the antagonist Kamsah, as this is a memorable breakout performance from her usual rom-com turns. Here she gets to kick a little ass and her acting has definitely improved, although she could still work on her facial expressions.

"V3: Samseng Jalanan" isn't half bad as a sequel and if you're an action fan, this 18PL offering is recommended. Here's a message from the director whose picture almost didn't make it to the screens. He hopes that through "V3: Samseng Jalanan", the authorities may find a amicable solution in handling social ills that are ever growing within our society. All the best, Farid.

Cinema Online, 02 March 2010
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