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Ip Man 4: The Finale

Donnie Yen kembali menghidupkan wataknya sebagai Ip Man. Kali ini Mahaguru Wing Chun ini mengembara ke San Francisco, USA, di mana pelajarnya telah membuka sekolah Wing Chun tetapi ini membuatkan komuniti seni mempertahankan diri di sana tidak menyukainya.

Bahasa: Kantonis
Sarikata: Inggeris / Cina
Klasifikasi: P13
Tarikh Tayangan:: 20 Dis 2019
Genre: Aksi / Seni Mempertahankan Diri
Durasi: 105 Minit
Pengedar: Lotus Five Star
Pelakon: Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, Danny Chan Kwok-kwan
Pengarah: Wilson Yip
Format: 2D, 2D D-BOX

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The Good, the Bad and the Finale:

• Cast-wise, there's really no one that quite embodies the character like Donnie Yen does. His movements and his characteristics easily convince the audience that he is the titular kung fu master, seeing him as no one else but Ip Man when watching the movie, despite the fact that he has famously portrayed many other characters throughout his 37 years of acting.

• Danny Chan, who reprises his role as Bruce Lee for the second time, is also a perfect fit, not only in physical likeness but also the way he carries the character.

• As the movie is truly a goodbye to one of Donnie's most iconic characters, it has a melodramatic touch to it that's more pronounced as compared to previous instalments.

• There are touching moments in the movie that will result in teary eyes, specifically involving Ip Man and his son, who acts cold towards him throughout the movie, and Wan and his daughter, whom he is very strict with.

• However, the storyline doesn't stand out much. So maybe it's a good thing that Donnie is quitting while he's ahead. Another portrayal in a mediocre follow-up will only sully the positive image he and the franchise have built up over the years.

• On a brighter note, the movie is as action-packed as it can get. From Ip Man fighting fellow kung fu masters, to him fighting Karate fighters, to him fighting Scott Adkins' military tough guy, Barton Geddes. There's no shortage of explosive action that will forever seal Ip Man's status as the best of the best in the martial arts world in fans' minds.


• This marks Donnie Yen's final kung fu movie, though he states that he will continue acting in action movies.

Cinema Online, 24 December 2019
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