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Sunday 20 April 2014
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TGV Cinemas

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tanjong Public Limited Company, Tanjong Golden Village Cinemas (TGV) has been catering to the local cinemagoers since its inception back in 1995. Being a pioneer of the local cinema industry by being the first cinema to introduce the multiplex concept, TGV Cinemas is currently the owner of over 20 cineplexes located in different states of Peninsular Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Seremban, Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru, Terengganu, and also one cineplex in East Malaysia, thus establishing itself as the second largest cinema chain in Malaysia, after Golden Screen Cinemas. TGV’s continuous efforts in reinventing their cinemas is part of the establishment’s immediate and long-term goals, and have so far resulted in fresh cinematic concepts such as the Beanieplex, The Club and IMAX, with the latter being a co-venture with the IMAX Corporation based in Canada. The first IMAX was launched at TGV Sunway Pyramid in conjunction with Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” local release. TGV Cinemas is currently led by its CEO Kenny Wong.

Kuala Lumpur
TGV Mines
TGV Kepong
TGV Cheras Selatan
TGV Wangsa Walk
TGV 1 Shamelin

Petaling Jaya
TGV 1Utama
TGV Sunway Pyramid
TGV Bukit Raja
TGV Bukit Tinggi

TGV Rawang

TGV SetiaWalk
TGV 1st Avenue
TGV Gurney Paragon Mall

TGV Kinta
TGV Station 18
TGV Seremban 2

Johor Bharu
TGV Bukit Indah
TGV Tebrau City

TGV Mesra Mall Kerteh
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