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Thursday 24 July 2014
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Cinema Infos

TGV Cinemas 1 UtamaPetaling Jaya

TGV Cinemas 1 Utama
No. of Halls:
Seating Capacities:
Sound System:
Dolby Digital Surround EX
TGV Cinemas Level 3 Old Wing
1 Utama Shopping Centre
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama

47800, Petaling Jaya

TGV 1 Utama is one of the first TGV multiplexes. Opening its doors almost two decades ago in 1995 with seven halls, it quickly became one of the favourite spots for local moviegoers in the Klang Valley area. On February 2011, the outlet was closed for heavy renovations. After 22 months on 13 December 2012, the renovated cinema got back to business with new escalators leading right up to the new floor on Level 3 at the old wing, instead of its prior location on Level 2. Apart from its 7 digital halls, it currently also houses an IMAX theatre, a Beanieplex hall and a LUXE hall.

On 25 April 2014, the multiplex had introduced another addition in the form of Indulge, the chain's new luxury cinema concept. It encompasses two halls and seats 30 and 42 respectively. Combining a fine-dining experience with a posh cinema experience, tickets are priced at RM45 per person. The cinema features plush reclining chairs, blankets, a side-table and a personal call waiter-service button.


  Ticket Pricing

Normal Seats Price (RM)
Early Bird 7
Before 6pm 8
After 6pm 10
Blockbuster / Weekend 12
Super Wednesday 8
Kids 6
Digital 3D (with glasses) 19
Digital 3D - Kids (with glasses) 13
Preferred Seats Price (RM)
Early Bird 8
Before 6pm 10
After 6pm 12
Blockbuster / Weekend 14
Super Wednesday 10
Digital 3D (with glasses) 21
Twin Seats / Premium Price (RM)
Before 6pm 12
After 6pm 14
Blockbuster / Weekend 16
Super Wednesday 12
Digital 3D (with glasses) 23
BeaniePlex Price (RM)
Beanbag 22
IMAX Normal Seats Price (RM)
IMAX 2D before 6pm 19
IMAX 2D after 6pm 22
IMAX 3D before 6pm 23
IMAX 3D after 6pm 26
IMAX 2D Kids 15
IMAX 3D Kids 19
IMAX Premium Seats Price (RM)
IMAX 2D 24
IMAX 3D 30
IMAX Twin Seats Price (RM)
IMAX 2D 26
IMAX 3D 30
LUXE Price (RM)
LUXE Normal 16
LUXE Twin 18
LUXE Normal, XMirror 3D (with glasses)
LUXE Twin, XMirror 3D (with glasses) 26
XMirror 3D (with glasses) 44


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