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The Division, a shadowy government agency, is genetically transforming citizens into an army of psychic warriors. Nick Gant (Chris Evans), a second-generation telekinetic or "mover", has found sanctuary in Hong Kong and is eventually forced out of hiding when Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning), a 13-year-old clairvoyant or "watcher" seeks his help in finding Kira, (Camilla Belle) an escaped "pusher" who may hold the key to ending the Division`s program. Pushers possess the most dangerous of all psychic powers: the ability to influence others` actions by implanting thoughts in their minds. However, the unlikely duo lands themselves square in the crosshairs of Division Agent Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou), a pusher who will stop at nothing to keep them from achieving their goal.

Language: English
Subtitle: NA
Classification: 18PL
Release Date: 14 May 2009
Genre: Thriller / Science Fiction
Running Time: 1 Hour 51 Minutes
Distributor: Grand Brilliance
Cast: Camilla Belle, Chris Evans, Djimon Hounsou, Dakota Fanning
Director: Paul McGuigan
Format: 35MM

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Writer: Syahida Kamarudin

Writer Ratings:

Watch this if you liked: "X-Men", "Jumper"

Lame title, diverse ethnic group of actors, plot about people with special skillss but not an X-Men movie, and based in Hong Kong. For the skeptics, it sounded like a C-grade film with over-the-top performances. Sorry, but it is not.

An interesting plotline, coupled with a stylish cinematography and pretty cool soundtrack makes "Push" different from all the other wannabes (cough*JUMPER*cough). The stylised presentation reminds you a bit of Catherine Hardwicke's "Twilight" meets "Kill Bill" but with a pinch of "Wolverine". Kudos to director Paul McGuigan whose filmography includes "Lucky Number Slevin" and "The Reckoning".

Performance-wise, although at times Dakota Fanning can look a little bratty and that whole Julia Stiles-ish look doesn't work for her, she does have her moments. The whole chemistry between her and Chris Evans works, but sadly one can't say the same thing about Evans and Camille Belle, that are supposedly a couple. Care to pay attention to the lollypop-loving scary-looking Watcher (she does have that Ichikawa Yui spooky look) and Cliff Curtis, who's last seen in "Crossing Over" playing an Iranian immigration officer.

On another note, it does at times feel like a guide to Hong Kong's urban ghettos, as the movie takes place in different parts of the city - from the fishermen's port, to storeys upon storeys of flats, constructions to a very exotic 1960-ish nightclub and not to mention curious hotel rooms.

The only scar would be the fact that at times it can be a bit lengthy and boring. And a word of advice, the movie never try to explain things or repeat a scene and thus, if you slack off a while, chances are you will be confused about later scenes.

Cinema Online, 11 May 2009
U - General viewing for all ages
P13 - Parental guidance is advisable for children below 13 years old
18 - For 18+ with elements for mature audiences
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