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Based on Jeff Kinney's best-selling illustrated novel, it chronicles the adventures of wisecracking middle school student Greg Heffley over the course of an academic year, as told through the young man's diary and hand-drawn cartoons. It follows Greg Heffley, a self-proclaimed wimp who faces the problems that being a elementary school student offers, including fights with his best friend Rowley and the constant war with his brothers, Rodrick and Manny, and trying to get out of trouble with his parents. Greg is shown as being lazy, often putting off his homework until the last minute or conning Rowley into doing a task for him. He is very interested in girls, especially his crush, Holly Hills, but his affection is never returned.

Language: English
Subtitle: Na
Classification: U
General Release Date: 06 May 2010
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Distributor: 20TH CENTURY FOX
Cast: Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, Steve Zahn, Rachael Harris, Devon Bostick, Chloë Grace Moretz
Director: Thor Freudenthal
Format: 35MM

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Writer: Lai Swee Wei

Writer Ratings:
Overall: 2.5 Out of 5
Cast: 2.5 Out of 5
Plot: 2.0 Out of 5
Effects: 3.0 Out of 5
Cinematography: 2.5 Out of 5

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Based on an illustrated novel by Jeff Kinney, this kiddie flick surrounds itself on Greg Heffley, his years in middle school, his friends and his family. It deals with a child's dramatic outlook on his struggles in middle school, something that we've all seen before if you're all too familiar with Nickelodeon TV shows namely "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" and "Clarissa Explains It All".

The film maintains the original charms of the book by interlacing it with Jeff Kinney's cartoon animations, resulting in this reviewer's wish for more rather than of the live actors. Frankly, there aren't enough 2D cartoons in cinemas to begin with and the story doesn't nearly come across as interesting, unless you are a fan of the books.

The lead actors of Zachary Gordon (as Greg) and Robert Capron (as his best friend Rowley) did a commendable job in bringing their characters to life, delivering good chemistry as best friends going through their ups and downs. Moreover, Robert Capron fits perfectly as the nerdy best friend who always seems to make you look bad ranging from embarrassing terms (saying "play" instead of "hang out") to having matching clothes with your best friend.

The Heffley family on the other hand, turned out to be rather drab and annoying; You have a childish father who tries to be outgoing, a mother who gives uninspiring advice, an older brother who lives to antagonise you, and a baby brother who is somehow born to embarrass you. The kids in the film are indeed charming and adorable, but they eventually wear off due to the cliche story. You'll encounter some unnecessary scenes which unfortunately pulls the film down, such as the Halloween ordeal with the group of thugs. It was dreary and pointless.

However, there are some genuinely funny moments in this one and with every kids show, there's bound to be a joke about boogers. No kiddie film would be incomplete without the appearance of that icky, sticky substance.

Overall, "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" sure it has its misses, but it does deliver a pleasant concept with the appearance of the cartoon animations. If only they did this movie completely on that, then it'd be better.

Cinema Online, 30 April 2010

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