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Ombak Rindu

Based upon the bestselling Malaysian novel, "Ombak Rindu" is about the romance between Izzah and Hariz, two lovers from different worlds. Izzah is a village girl who has been sold by her father to a nightclub in KL as a prostitute. However, Hariz, a rich man`s son, has bought her from the nightclub to keep as his own mistress. She begs him to make her an honest woman and he agrees, on the condition that she doesn`t claim any rights as a wife. Hariz soon softens his heart and learns to fall in love with Izzah. However, he is ordered by his father to wed a childhood friend - Mila.

Language: Malay
Subtitle: NA
Classification: U
Release Date: 1 Dec 2011
Genre: Drama / Romance
Running Time: 2 Hours 6 Minutes
Distributor: GSC MOVIES
Cast: Lisa Surihani, Maya Karin, Aaron Aziz, Bront Palarae
Director: Osman Ali
Format: 35MM

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Writer: Nor Azliany Mohamad

Writer Ratings:
Effects: NA

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The novel titled "Ombak Rindu" written by Fauziah Ashari is undoubtly one that has been read by many, and the story which is told through it is one that manages to weave a tale that truly touches the reader's heart and incites tears. The magical story of "Ombak Rindu" focuses on the happiness and pain of a woman named Izzah (Maya Karin), who is the wife to Hariz (Aaron Aziz), a man trapped in a love triangle that forces him to choose between his family and his heart's desire.

Previously, the producer, Sharad Sharaz managed to successfully adapt the novel "Lagenda Budak Setan" to the silver screen. This time, he sits back to let a new director, Osman Ali, Anugerah Skrin's best director of 2011 through his film "Cun", to take up the responsibility of visualising the novel to the silver screen instead.

The strength of "Ombak Rindu" lies on the well-built chemistry between its actors, noteworthy acting, story, visuals, cinematography and finally, a soundtrack to tie them all together.

In the beginning, when the writer found out that the role of Izzah was offered to stunning local actress Maya Karin, she felt doubtful of Maya's ability to portray Izzah appropriately. However, after watching her performance, it is obvious that the writer's doubts are unfounded, and Maya is awe-inspiring in bringing Izzah to life. Maya played Izzah, a village girl who has to go through various challenges in life, as well as look forward towards an uncertain future. The viewers are able to feel Izzah's pain and suffering, happiness and joy radiating from the screen, as well as her sincere love for her husband, Hariz.

It's a very rare occasion that we will get to see the hero shed his tears, for this movie "Ombak Rindu", the hero Aaron Aziz who is well known for his roles which are portrayed with stunts and anger, takes a completely different approach this time.

Mila Emylia who is played by Lisa Surihani in the movie as Hariz's other love interest, is very different compared to the previous roles that she has played as well. Usually Lisa is always seen more towards the soft side, but for "Ombak Rindu" Lisa is successful in making the viewers hate her, but sometimes feel pitiful towards her as well.

Mail is played by Bront Palarae and although he's just a supporting actor, he gave a big impact to the storyline and the life of Izzah and Hariz. His love was rejected without hesitation by Izzah, but still he's willing to wait for her.

In conclusion "Ombak Rindu" has good cinematography and it enlightens the storyline with the beautiful background of Pulau Langkawi, Kuala Kerpan, Alor Setar and Cameron Highlands.

From the beginning until the end, the viewers would definitely feel for all the characters, especially Izzah and Hariz, as "Ombak Rindu" is a movie which reflects on a romantic side which is currently rare in our local movie scene.

Cinema Online, 09 December 2011
U - General viewing for all ages
P13 - Parental guidance is advisable for children below 13 years old
18 - For 18+ with elements for mature audiences
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