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The Queen (IRFF)

During the Iran-Iraq war, a scout has intel on the enemies` locations and plans to reveal it. His decision would result in an ambush by the Iranian army on the Iraqi soldiers. Before doing so, he is confronted by the soul of a deceased scout who questions his moralities because his decision might affect innocent Iraqi civilians. This important question of righteousness brings an internal struggle as he contemplates the weight of his own decisions.

Language: Persian
Subtitle: English
Classification: P13
Release Date: 7 Mar 2018
Genre: Drama / War
Running Time: 1 Hour 49 Minutes
Distributor: Film Festival Organizer
Cast: Hossein Ahangar, Hamidreza Azarang, Hooman Barghnavard, Homayoun Ershadi, Milad Keymaram, Mehdi Soltani, Mostafa Zamani
Director: Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar
Format: 2D

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U - General viewing for all ages
P13 - Parental guidance is advisable for children below 13 years old
18 - For 18+ with elements for mature audiences
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