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Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali

"Rock Oo - Rimba Bara Kembali" is a continuation of the rock film, "Rock", that tells of the journey of a village rock band, Rimba Bara, who is determined to make a name for themselves in the local music scene, except that it is easier said than done. Que Haidar plays Amy Mat Piah, a young man who holds firm to the principle that a modern farm boy must not quit so easily, and wants nothing more than to bring the members of Rimba Bara - Jijo (Khir Rahman), Slash Haji Tapah (Pekin Ibrahim) and Mi Black (Azmi Black) back together.

Language: Malay
Subtitle: NA
Classification: P13
Release Date: 28 Feb 2013
Genre: Drama / Musical
Running Time: 1 Hour 33 Minutes
Distributor: Primeworks Studios
Cast: Que Haidar, Khir Rahman, Soffi Jikan, Pekin Ibrahim, Azmi Black
Director: Mamat Khalid
Format: 35MM, 2D

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Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

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From talented comedic writer-director Mamat Khalid comes the second sequel to his rocker-inspired film "Rock" in 2005. The previous films that he has directed have went on to become great favourites and Malaysian modern classics like "Man Laksa", which is not only great comedy-wise, but was also well made in terms of the story and the flow. So, when it was discovered that "Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali" was a film made by Mamat Khalid himself, good stuff is expected.

Happy to say so, the film did not disappoint, and is an ongoing chuckle-fest for an hour and a half. However, there are a few bones to pick in the film that needed to be said.

The lead Que Haidar is a very gifted actor, and he is capable when it comes to versatility in his projects. He played the lead character, where the main focus of the movie mostly focuses on, called Amy Mat Piah. As gifted as he is, he did not manage to make his character as likable as I would have thought.

Maybe that was his intention but there were some things that he has established as character quirks seemed too stereotypical, and sometimes it came off as annoying. It is understood that there were hints that Amy was a little bit effeminate, but this is not the problem.

The problem, however, was how busy Amy's personality was. He was also extremely childish in character, and it felt like it was just too much as he persistently pleads his favourite rock group to reform and let him sing the lead.

There was just something about the character that makes him too ridiculous and you almost want the other band members to kick him out instead of cutting him some slack. However, it is great that they do not concentrate on how the character was a bit feminine, and they just concentrated on comedy and the good plot of the story.

The other characters were extremely fun to get to know, especially Slash Haji Ibrahim. Like Slash from Guns and Roses, he wears the hat and shreds like no one's business with a cigarette in his mouth (though always unlighted). It was surprising to know Pekin Ibrahim does not actually play guitar and he just practised it for the role for a few weeks, because it was sort of convincing. His relationship with his girlfriend in the film was another part of the film that was not only great but made the story more lovable. It was also refreshing to see a guitarist in a band movie have only one girlfriend.

Black, the drummer is absolutely adorable and Jijo, whom everyone depends on as a leader is also a great well written and acted character. Both of them were absolutely hilarious, along with the members of the 'Malaikat Maut' band. The film extras are also a force to be reckoned with.

The storyline is flowed pretty well, but up until the near end it felt like Mamat Khalid wanted to rush things and wanted to make it shorter. He could have made it even longer if he wanted, no one would mind. It would actually be preferred. Mamat Khalid stated that he had cut a few scenes but hopefully those scenes would be in DVD extras perhaps? The ending made you a little confused as it went from a last scene to a picture montage, which would be perfectly fine but dang, how did they get from A to B so fast?

The classic rock anthems are included in the soundtrack including Lefthanded's "Ku Di Halaman Rindu", but don't expect too much of musicals in this film, because it is not. However, there is a music clip scene from Amy's imagination and some performances as they jam (the lip dubbing was really far off at times though). Still, if you're a big rock music fan, you will definitely enjoy everything about it with the references and the songs.

It was a bit disappointing to see that some scenes had choppy edits, and in the middle of some scenes you can see where they cut and where they start back. It was disappointing because if they had worked on this and the weird ending, it would have been near perfect.

The costumes are hilarious. Que Haidar's wardrobe alone would make you laugh, and you would also be wondering how he could fit in those extremely tight pants. But the wigs were so fake you can almost see their hairlines underneath it.

Added plus points in the never-ending list of good things about the film is the shock factor with a couple of words tastefully bleeped out, a joke that amuse us movie buffs who have to suffer though ridiculous Malaysian censorship. It's not a regular thing to (almost) hear a swear word in Malay cinema.

Coming from the perspective from someone who has not watched the first instalment, this film is still as entertaining and understandable. Don't worry if you have not seen the first one, because you will surely be entertained anyway. But it does make you curious to see the first one for comparison. For those who did watch the first movie, this film is a must-watch, especially if you are a Mamat Khalid fan.

Cinema Online, 22 February 2013
U - General viewing for all ages
P13 - Parental guidance is advisable for children below 13 years old
18 - For 18+ with elements for mature audiences
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