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Golden Chickensss

Working as a prostitute since she was 16, Kam has witnessed the highs and lows of Hong Kong over the decades. Kam is now a "Mamasan" who manages a stable of high-end prostitutes, entertaining and hosting parties for rich men. She has seen it all. On the surface she embraces the prosperity of the `New HK` but like countless middle-class HK citizens, she laments the loss of the old Hong Kong that once belonged to the people. Over-the-hill mob boss, Gordon, was put behind bars before the Hong Kong Handover in 1997. Gordon`s appearance and mindset are still stuck in the colonial past. Recently released from prison, he is unable to cope with the New Hong Kong. His sole source of solace is his old flame, Kam. But Kam is no longer the naïve young girl who once idolized Gordon.

Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: NA
Classification: 18
Release Date: 6 Feb 2014
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Distributor: GSC MOVIES
Cast: Sandra Ng, Nick Cheung, Ronald Cheng, Fiona Sit, Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, Louis Koo
Director: Matt Chow
Format: 2D

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Writer: Casey Chong

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Hong Kong's favorite on-screen prostitute with a heart of gold is back! We're talking of none other than the iconic Ah Kam, played by Sandra Ng whom we saw in 2002's "Golden Chicken" and 2003's "Golden Chicken 2".

After playing a prostitute in the previous two "Golden Chicken" movies, this third installment of "Golden Chickensss" sees Kam (Sandra Ng) become a 'mama-san', who provides high-end prostitutes (Ivana Wong and Michelle Chen among others) to entertain rich men (including Chapman To, Chin Ka-Lok and Lo Hoi-Pang) for various private functions. During the course of the movie, Kam also recalls how she fell in love with the mob boss, Gordon (Nick Cheung) who ended up behind bars for the Hong Kong Handover in 1997. When Gordon is finally released after decades of imprisonment, he struggles to adapt with the new Hong Kong society and the only person who can help him is his old flame, Kam.

Replacing the previous two "Golden Chicken" original director Samson Chiu is the first "Golden Chicken" co-writer Matt Chow (last seen as an actor in 2013's "SDU: Sex Duties Unit"). While Chow is hardly known as a director (his last directing effort went as far back as 2004's "Itchy Heart"), he manages to show plenty of nuances throughout the movie. The elaborate prologue for instance, which tells a brief history on the evolution of sex - beginning with the "2001: A Space Odyssey"-inspired origin of sex to the glam-and-glitz sex trade in the present-day Hong Kong, is particularly amusing.

However, Matt Chow's screenplay is unevenly paced. Some of the gags are either shallow or fails to work well to its own advantage (for instance, the scene involving the bizarre nature of the Japanese sex industry tries too hard to be funny). But the most glaring problem of all is the sudden shift of tone midway when the movie radically concentrates on Nick Cheung's Gordon rather than Kam the protagonist herself. It's almost like watching a different movie altogether. On the other hand, the weakness happens to be the movie's best moment especially the way it deals with Gordon struggling to adapt the 21st century lifestyle in Hong Kong with his old-fashioned mentality.

Speaking of Gordon, Nick Cheung delivers a captivating performance with a mix of dramatic flair and perfect comic timing. Sandra Ng also shows some lively sparks via her iconic Kam character, especially during the first half of the movie, but it's quite a shame that she is sidelined in the remaining half to give way for Nick Cheung.

As one of Kam's high-end prostitutes, singer-songwriter Ivana Wong gives a surprisingly breakthrough performance in the way she injects playful energy to her overly cute Mainland accent. Not only that, she shines the most during a brief scene where she and a male escort played by Ronald Cheng, stumbles upon each other and reveals her true self that she's only acting like a fool for the sake to make money.
While "Golden Chickensss" is far from the best in the "Golden Chicken" series, the movie remains a worthwhile entry to be checked out this Chinese New Year. And of course, do remember not to leave the cinema when the credit rolls, as there's a brief scene featuring a certain superstar cameo!

Cinema Online, 27 January 2014
U - General viewing for all ages
P13 - Parental guidance is advisable for children below 13 years old
18 - For 18+ with elements for mature audiences
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