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Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei

Jack Neo returns as Liang Xing Mei, now retired and spends her time looking after two obedient grandsons. Life is still exciting for her thanks to her friends Guang Dong Po, whose absent mind tends to muddle things up a lot, and Lion King, whose mild Alzheimer's disease causes confusion and frustration for everyone. She puts her hopes on her youngest son Albert because he is more reliable compared to his older brother Robert, who is always scheming to get rich fast. This makes Robert jealous and he ends up getting the help of the God of Fortune to win back his mother's approval.

Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: English / Malay / Chinese
Classification: P13
General Release Date: 15 Feb 2018
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 2 Hours 6 Minutes
Distributor: Mega Films Distribution Sdn Bhd
Cast: Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Jaspers Lai
Director: Jack Neo
Format: 2D

Showing in 110 cinema locations as of 03:00AM, 20 Feb

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Writer: Cinnamon Lion

Writer Ratings:
Overall: 3.5 Out of 5
Cast: 4.0 Out of 5
Plot: 3.0 Out of 5
Effects: 3.5 Out of 5
Cinematography: 3.5 Out of 5

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The Good, the Bad and the Wonderful!:

Bring on the nostalgia! Viewers who grew up watching Jack Neo dressing up as Liang Xi Mei in "Comedy Night" and "Happy Can Already!" will be happy to see the 'lady' back in action, only this time she is bringing the fun to the big screen.

Jack Neo writes, directs and stars in this comedy movie, still pulling off quite a believable 'aunty look' (there's even a scene in the movie where she finally explains her clothing choices).

As is the norm in Jack Neo's works, his cast from his other movies also make special appearances in this one. Have fun waiting for the likes of "Ah Boys to Men 4" cast Apple Chan and Noah Yap, and "Long Long Time Ago" actor Ryan Lian to pop up onscreen.

No waiting needed for Jaspers Lai ("Ah Boys" fans know this guy, for sure) as he is onscreen often enough, returning as Merlion King - the son of Lion King, the role reprised by Henry Thia.

One of the interesting things that this movie managed to pull off is the dual roles of several of its actors, such as the aforementioned Jaspers who also plays a funny-looking kidnapper (he couldn't even scare the aunties). What makes this fun is when the dual roles meet onscreen, such as what happens when Lion King meets Ah Gong (both played by Henry Thia) and when Cantonese Granny, played by Wang Lei, falls for Wang Lei, as himself in the movie.

While the movie does deliver pretty good messages of being a good person (Mark Lee's Robert character arc in the movie involves him turning from a bad guy to a good guy), being a good mother (Liang Xi Mei does have a problem with treating both her sons fairly) and not taking shortcuts to earn one's fortune, the final act is somewhat ironic in contrast to the good messages it's been trying to deliver throughout the whole movie.

Still, the movie is good enough for those looking for a simple popcorn movie to watch and looking forward to walking down memory lane with Liang Xi Mei.


• Liang Po Po, another character played by Jack Neo, also makes 'her' appearance at the beginning and the end of the movie.

Cinema Online, 15 February 2018

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