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Guns Akimbo

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One night, Miles, a nerdy video game developer who loves stirring things up on the internet, drunkenly drops an inflammatory insult on a broadcast of a deadly competition run by a gang called Skizm. The match is streamed to an online audience of millions who enjoy watching complete strangers fight to death. Riktor, the maniacal mastermind behind it, decides to forcefully include Miles as one of the death match's participants. To Miles' horror, he wakes up with heavy pistols bolted into his bones and must now face his first opponent, a trigger-happy killer called Nix. He has successfully been a

Episode : Tv Spot 1
Episode Number : 0
Language : ENGLISH
Classification : 18
Genre : Action and Adventure / Comedy
Duration : 0.30 minutes
Cast : Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Rowley, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Samara Weaving
Director : Jason Lei Howden