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Town Mall

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Plagued by supernatural disturbances, the construction of Town Mall has to be stopped and it has since been abandoned for 10 years. Now, a well-known local property developer plans to rebuild and complete the abandoned building, hoping to turn it into a popular shopping mall in Seremban. Project manager Rusdi is tasked with overseeing the new project, even though he is sceptical to take it due to the incidents that happened a decade ago. While the rebuilding starts off fine, one day the same incidents from 10 years ago begin to happen again. When Rusdi himself starts experiencing disturbances,

Episode : Tv Spot 4
Episode Number : 0
Language : MALAY
Classification : P13
Genre : Crime and Mystery / Drama / Horror
Duration : 0.15 minutes
Cast : Eizlan Yusof, Intan Ladyana, Jalaluddin Hassan, Nynaa Harizal, Reen Rahim
Director : Eizlan Yusof