Cinnamon journeys to the west

Cinnamon journeys to the west

Photos taken on 28 January 2013 at the press conference of "Journey To The West" at Le Meridien, Taipei, Taiwan.

I was so nervous to be in-between Stephen Chow and Show Luo!

I didn't mean to be rude during the interview, but I had to get the camera for a picture with the stars! Can you spot me?

Here I am at 20th Century Fox Taiwan office! Their logo is on the ceiling, how cool is that?

Simon the chipmunk is in charge of the front desk. I wonder where Alvin and Theodore are?

Having a nice cup of tea before the secret screening of "Journey To The West" in the Fox office.

The Simpsons family is here too! Bart and Lisa are busy fighting somewhere.

I decided to stick with Royce Tan from MY FM in the screening. We're travel buddies, you know!

A pretty good performance is put out prior to the press conference. I liked it!

Do I look like a professional member of the media? I know I do!

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