Cinnamon's "WWZ" adventure

Cinnamon's "WWZ" adventure

Photos taken on 18 June 2013 at Sunway Lagoon's Scream Park.

Argh, a group of zombies got me!

I regret not heeding the warning sign I saw earlier!

I hung out at Ground Zero with the General before he warned me about a few uninvited guests...

After eating the General, the zombie wanted to eat me!

As soon as I went inside the 'city' I was captured!

I was even being attacked by zombies dropping down from the ceiling!

More and more zombies wanted my flesh...

This zombie reminds me of Nicholas Hoult in "Warm Bodies". He just wanted to
pose with me.

This guy on the other hand... No!!!

Brad Pitt came to rescue me!
"World War Z" is now showing in cinemas in Malaysia!