Bigger attack in "The Raid" sequel

Bigger attack in "The Raid" sequel

Gareth Evans is currently working on the sequel of "The Raid".

23 Sep – After creating serious buzz at different international movie festivals with "The Raid", Welsh director Gareth Evans is ready to present a bigger story in the sequel of his Indonesian crime-fighting thriller, according to Digital Spy.

"It's very, very different from the first movie - the scale of it is much, much bigger. It's a lot more complex in terms of storyline and character this time," Evans explained.

He added, "I felt like I couldn't get away with something as simplistic as we did in the first one, [which] was all in one building. We go out onto the streets with this one."

The 32-year old filmmaker said that the sequel titled "Berandal" in Indonesian will be focusing on some of the characters that were mentioned towards the final scene of the first movie and they will continue with a much exciting plot on worst killers and drugs together with the main character Rama.

"We have a good cop who is mentioned at the end of the first film, and we have the big bad guy, the boss of the corrupt cops. They become characters in the sequel, and they're much more expanded upon. They play a part in Rama's life now, so it's a continuation and it's going be big."

Iko Uwais as rookie cop Rama in "The Raid".

It was also confirmed that Indonesian martial artist Iko Uwais will reprise his role as rookie cop Rama in "Berandal", which will begin its shooting in January 2013.

Cinema Online's "The Raid" guests recently got the opportunity to catch the movie at Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve. After the screening, we asked the viewers about their thoughts on the movie and the number of stars they'd rate it out of 5.

Mohd Roshaidi Hamad: "I love "The Raid"! It's one of the best movies I've watched this year. I'm thrilled with the actions scenes but I prefer the original version which is in Bahasa Indonesian instead of the current English version. I don't recommend children to watch it due to its violent elements. I'll give the movie 5 stars."

Atifah Izzati Wahab: "Overall, the movie is good in terms of story and action. However, I don't like the way they dubbed the language for the entire film, changing from Indonesian into English. That makes the words sound weird and the actors' expressions look unnatural. I'll give it 4 stars."

"The Raid" is now showing in cinemas!