CO Movie Day: "The Conjuring"

CO Movie Day: "The Conjuring"

Congratulations to all the winners!

31 Jul – On 29 August, Cinema Online fans were lucky enough to receive pairs of tickets for an early screening of the horror film "The Conjuring" by participating in our contest!

The film, directed by James Wan, the Malaysian director behind movies like "Insidious" and "Saw", is allegedly based on true events about a pair of paranormal investigators who are hired by a couple who has recently moved into a farm house with their children that seems haunted. The pair is based on the Perron family, who claimed to have experienced a terrifying haunting during the 1970s.

The film stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and Ron Livingston and has scored the second spot in the U.S. box office last weekend.

Read on to find out what our winners had to say about the film!

Wani: I rate the movie 4/5 stars. It was really good! I loved the film's storyline and my heartbeat kept racing the whole time while I was watching it!

Lim Ming Sing: I rate the movie 3.5/5 stars. The film wasn't as scary as I would have hoped. Though I enjoyed the part with the hands, which was pretty scary.

"The Conjuring" is showing in cinemas now!

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