Bughuul from "Sinister 2" terrifies cinemagoers

Bughuul from "Sinister 2" terrifies cinemagoers

  A "terrified" couple posing with Bughuul.

10 Aug – Were you one of the lucky ones who get to meet Bughuul face-to-face? The boogeyman from the "Sinister" movie series was spotted wandering around scaring unsuspecting moviegoers last weekend.

Moviegoers at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama and TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid, where each location has a haunted house especially for Bughuul to welcome his "guests" into, bumped into the boogeyman, eliciting some of the loudest screams ever heard at the cinemas.

Bughuul is waiting inside his haunted house.

This couple is unaware the fake Bughuul in front of them is just a decoy, the real one
is stealthily tailing them.

Bughuul is just lining up for a movie ticket but he inadvertently scares the little girl in line.

Bughuul's showdown with one feisty little lady.

Bughuul later wandered around Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, making many shoppers wary of his dark presence.

Bughuul has many fans of different race and nationalities.

Vast age range too!

Everyone wants to go into Bughuul's haunted house.

Selfie time with Bughuul!

If you would like to experience meeting the famed boogeyman himself, then head on over to these following locations:

Catch Bughuul at these times and places.

Bughuul is set to appear on the silver screen again in "Sinister 2".

The sequel to the 2012 horror movie "Sinister" follows a young and protective mother, who moves into a rural house with her 9-year-old twin sons, only to find out that weird things are starting to happen around the house. Little did the family know, the house is marked for death

"Sinister 2" is slated for release this 27 August.

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