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Strange dark-coated man spotted on the train

The strange man tries to appear normal among daily commuters.

27 Aug – A dark, mysterious figure was spotted wandering around the train platforms yesterday. Even without seeing the terrifying face, its long coat and scraggly hair were enough to send shivers down some spines.

Upon closer inspection, it was apparent that the figure was a man in costume, presumably dressed as a character from a movie.

A girl hugs her mum as the man tries to shake hands.

The man was spotted getting into one of the carriages, shocking many who came face to face with him. Standing still in a corner, the black-coated figure ignored the stares his out-of-place getup was earning him.

Some of the passengers dared to wander close and immediately looked away when his dark, cruel eyes pierce into theirs. Still there were those who managed to snap a photo or two, all the while wondering who or what the evil-looking entity was.

The mysterious man eliciting stares as he ambles down the stairs.

Train commuters are now on the lookout for the mysterious man, most already aimed with cameras to quickly snap a picture of him before he disappears again. Allegedly, he would appear at the train stations at random moments - so be on the lookout!