A bunch of Deadpools party at Tropicana City Mall

A bunch of Deadpools party at Tropicana City Mall

All the Deadpools gather for a group photo at GSC Tropicana City Mall.

11 Feb – A bunch of "Deadpool" fans were invited for the "Deadpool" movie premiere and Ultimate Comic Book Movie Party held last night at GSC Tropicana City Mall.

The first superhero movie of the year releases in cinemas today, however, some lucky fans had the chance to watch it a day earlier with other comic book fans!

Organised by 20th Century Fox in partnership with Outpost Productions, Comic Fiesta, Lil' Monsters, Thyme Out and Golden Screen Cinemas, the event was filled with cosplayers impersonating the titular character, while some even dressed up as other characters from the Marvel Universe.

All the cosplayers surrounding Spidey.

Before the cosplayers got to watch the film, there was an emcee in charge that hosted a variety of games with the fans to give out awesome movie merchandise.

Among the activities held were; a chimichanga eating competition, quizzes, dance battles and a joke-off to get everyone in a jolly mood before watching the Merc with the Mouth on the big screen.

The emcee asking a fan a question during the quiz rounds.

Contestants devouring their chimichanga's during the eating competition.

The lucky winners of the chimichanga eating competition.

A Deadpool cosplayer taking a selfie with the Spider-Man cosplayer who crashed the Deadpool party

Spider-Man gracefully sways with his partner during the dance battle.

Participants of the dance battle with their prizes.

Two cosplayers going at each other during the joke-off.

The Chinese New Year inspired Deadpool was present at the party too!

A Deadpool cosplayer receiving his prize for Best Cosplay.

Cosplayers and fans got together for a photo ops before entering the hall.

Don't miss "Deadpool" premiering today, 11 February 2016 in cinemas nationwide.

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